Learner/New/Young Driver Insurance


Want to insure a car for private practice whilst learning to drive?


Learning to drive is all about practice, practice, practice and if you can get that valuable practice outside of your lessons with your driving instructor is can save you money and, for most, it helps them get to test standard quicker.  However, please maintain your lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and remember, who ever is taking you out for practice, they are not there to teach you (that's what you pay your instructor for - if that person thinks they know better, what are you paying a QUALIFIED Driving Instructor for?)



Now for the serious stuff.....

Contrary to popular belief - YOU, yes you the learner, MUST BE insured if you want to drive any another car other than your ADI's tuition vehicle (you are already insured to drive the tuition vehicle through an instructor's insurance as long as you are accompanied by said instructor).


For you to have practice in another car, be it yours, Mom's, Dad's, Gran's, Uncle's etc etc - who's ever it is - you MUST display L-Plates on the front and rear of your vehicle (do not cut them down to fit or draw your own!)   Whoever is accompanying you MUST be over the age of 21 and had a full licence for a minimum of 3 years. 

You MUST have your own provisional insurance or you are on some body else's policy to drive the vehicle specified in such policy (please remember that insurance companies price their policies on the highest risk driver - which, in this case, is the learner!). MUST be insured as a NAMED DRIVER A learner can have their OWN appropriate provisional insurance (see links below) to drive a vehicle.  If a learner has his/her OWN insurance it does not affect the accompanying driver's own insurance cover if there were to be a collision and the learner was driving (It would affect the insurance if the learner was insured as a NAMED DRIVER on some body else's policy if this were to happen).  Such provisional insurance allows the learner to drive the vehicle specified in the policy ONLY.  It DOES NOT allow the learner to drive any other vehicle. The learner can, however, transfer the policy from one vehicle to another - please contact your insurance company to do this - failure to do so will deem your insurance to be void.  It DOES NOT allow the learner to drive on his/her own at any time - again this will make your insurance void.  The provisional insurance DOES NOT cover or allow for any other person to drive the vehicle under this specific policy.  The insurance ONLY applies to the learner driver in terms of the vehicle as mentioned in the policy.  The accompanying driver MUST have their OWN insurance to drive the same vehicle as the learner is driving.  Once you have passed your driving test your insurance cover will cease immediately so please contact an insurance company to start a new policy otherwise if you drive, you will lose your NEW, FULL licence AND the car you are driving when the police catch you!


As a learner you can drive on most roads and dual carriageways but you MUST NOT drive on a motorway.


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Well done, you've passed.........

There's a lot of emphasis on new drivers to have a "black box" fitted to reduce your insurance, it's something to think about! Personally, I think they should be compulsory...and not just for NEW drivers!!!!

You may think it's an invasion of privacy but if you're driving correctly and safely then you've not got anything to worry about then have you? 

  "If people are willing to submit to this kind of observation, they are probably the kind of people who are willing to behave more responsibly."


 BBC NEWS - The proliferation of the little black box (click on link)



  New/Young Driver Insurance

If you do the Pass Plus course you will qualify for reduction in your insurance.

Some participating Insurers include :-

AA Insurance - Adrian Flux Insurance - BSM Insurance - Churchill Insurance -Co-operative Insurance - Direct Line - Zurich - Norwich Union - Privilege - Provident Insurance - Royal & Sun Alliance - Tesco Motor Insurance - Swinton - Quinn Direct Insurance Services - Endsleigh

(Please go to their websites for more info!)