(The clue is in the title!)


Why do you think the DSA is looking to introduce new regulations of a time/lesson limit of possibly learning for a year BEFORE you can take a test?

(It wouldn't make money for the DSA, in fact the more tests you take, the more money the DSA gets!!)


 Ask yourself - How many people do you actually know that have passed FIRST TIME, IN ONE WEEK?


Anyone who knows me knows that I do not advocate intensive or 'crash' courses when it comes to driving. They do work for the select few but before you part with your hard earned cash just think about it for the moment......... 


  • Most intensives course specialists have to have the whole course fee paid up front. You're looking at approx £150 for a 2 day course (are you serious, in two days?) up to £800 for a 5-7 day course! Over a £1000 for a two weeks course.
  • Some schools advertise you can "pass in a week" but they spread your lessons out over a number of weeks...just like every other driving school!
  • You have to have passed your theory.
  • You are looking at approx 6-8 hours, all day, every day for the next week.
  • That's a lot of time spent with an instructor in a very confined space, particularly if you don't like/connect with them!
  • If you work, you would need to use your holiday leave.
  • What if you fail? Another intensive? More cash upfront? Stop lessons till your next test? Take another weeks holiday leave from work? What's the waiting list for tests?
  • Your test is booked at the end of the week - still can't do that Parallel Park by the day before your test? Too late to cancel now without losing your fee! Intensives can get very frustrating if you can't pick it up in such short space of time.
  • What happens if you miss a day because you're sick or you have an emergency to deal with?
  • What if you're test gets cancelled because of the weather or by the DSA strike for example? They'll put you back in for another date, but it'll be about 6-8 weeks away. Which now means more lessons, another week off work?
  • Are you taking the test at your local centre or miles away, where you have never been before and don't know the test routes?
  • Some Intensive Driving Schools claim to be able to book you a test sooner than the DSA waiting list - it's pure luck if they can get you an earlier cancellation and they have as much chance at getting an earlier date as ALL the other driving schools who use that test centre - they do not have precedence!
  • You are more likely to have an accident after you have passed if you have done an intensive than if you have taken you're time with your lessons.
  • A life time of good habits cannot be taught in a week.
  • Would you let a surgeon operate on you if he'd done a 'crash' course in ONE week?
  • Despite what the adverts say - NO ONE can guarantee you'll pass your test.
  • They teach you how to pass a test, not to DRIVE SAFE FOR LIFE!  When you learn over a short period of time it can be effective for getting a result but it doesn't give you long term benefits - you will be in charge of something that can potentially kill - do you want THAT on your conscience?
  • Let's face it, you ALL "pass in one week", it's just not stipulated which week! Technically, you all pass in one day! It's all a play on words!


A student who did an intensive with another school posted this....

"I have just completed an intensive driving course in Blackpool. Course went really well and i was entered into my test , in fact called a star pupil, i was confident i could pass. My test was over forty miles away at 8.20 in the morning. My instructor chose to go via the M6 motorway to my test centre, so i was unable to get in any driving prior to my test. However there was a fatal on the M6, all lanes closed and i missed my appointment. I have lost my test and test fee. I have come home and been told i have to pay the fee again but
only after paying another £50 for an assessment with another driving school. They will decide whether or not i am ready for my test and if i am, i have to pay anther £50 on top of the test fee for their car for my test and some instruction before hand. Including both test fee's i will have incurred another £207 on top of the course i paid for."


On a final note, please don't ask me to bunch in a load of lessons because YOU are suddenly in a hurry to pass (off to Uni, moving away, just passed your theory, theory runs out shortly) - should've have planned better (you have TWO years to pass the practical from passing your theory!), been more consistent with lessons (prioritise your money), invested in this from the start (how many MONTHS have I spent nagging you to do your theory/read up on manoeuvres and other stuff??)
And NOW you're in a hurry to get it done?
I do not have the space to get you in for more just because YOU want more!