Learn to Drive, an investment......for LIFE!

 "Even though I was getting frustrated with how long I was having lessons for, I wouldn't change it because I could actually drive when I passed and there are so many people who have a go and pass when they aren't capable of actually driving safely. The motto about teaching students to drive safe for life is true and I think a lot of people don't think about the consequences"
Joanne L - Law Student, passed on her first attempt with Hooter's

Too many learners, usually males (but not all males) are in a hurry to learn to drive - I use that term loosely - and pass a driving test. They want to do it as quickly and as cheaply as possible. I use the term loosely because I do not believe you can learn to drive SAFELY in a short period of time. They are being taught to pass a test. They are told what do but they not told why they do things and how to react accordingly. It's called ''Puppet Teaching'' - e.g. you are told to look in the mirrors but you are not told what you are looking for and how you response to it!

Don't be DYING to drive!

Too often I hear 'I just want to pass' or 'I just want to have a go at the test' and then it's wondered why these drivers have accidents or even worse - fatalities, after they've passed. The whole point of learning to drive is to learn to drive safe for life - the DVSA's motto - and not learn to 'pass a test'. They always blame it on lack of experience. But unfortunately too many people are not willing to pay for that 'experience'.  The more lessons you have with an instructor - the professional, the more mistakes you are having corrected, the more situations you can get into and the more you learn how to deal with them correctly. There's already enough numpties on the road - some no doubt you will have come across on your lessons - tailgaters, speeders, red light jumpers, dangerous overtakers, lane cutters - how did you respond to these people? You probably called them some derogatory name! Don't become one of them.

Think about your family leaving flowers at the side of the road...for you!

Too many people brag about how it only took them '10 lessons' to pass , or that they passed in a couple of weeks of learning. Would you rather get in the car with someone who had had ten lessons or a hundred and ten lessons?

Let's put it into context……

Would you prefer the Captain of your flight to have done 10 flights previous to yours or a 100 flights?

Would you let a Brain Surgeon operate on your child/you if he'd only done it ten times before or would you prefer the one who's done it 100 times?

As driving instructors we try to put learners in to as many situations as possible but it's not feasible to put them in EVERY situation. The saying goes 'Practise makes Perfect' and it's so true when it comes to driving. The more lessons, the more times they're on the road with an instructor the more situations and experience they're getting. Surely the more time you can spend training, having your mistakes constantly rectified, identifying hazards and potential situations, reading the roads and never ASSUMING what others should do, the safer you are going to be when you do pass and drive on you own. Private practice can only help too!

I do not condone intensive/crash courses - I believe they teach you how to pass a test and can not possibly teach you the skills needed to drive safe for life over such a short space of time. Personally I think they should be banned.  Pilots in WW1 were given SEVEN HOURS training and then sent in to battle!! How many survived?

This has to start with the learner or who ever is paying for the lessons.  This is an investment - FOR LIFE!  If people are not prepared to invest in gaining the experience needed to learn to drive safe for life, then they have no one else to blame but themselves. I understand it's expensive but what else are you going to spend this amount of money on and have for the rest of your life - you'll spend more on your first car, insurance, tax, MOT's etc etc etc - are you going to have that same car in 50 years time?


"A couple get a few quotes on doing their electrical wiring on their house. They decide they want it done as quickly and as cheaply as possible. A while later there's a fire, the house burns down, their child was inside. The Fire Investigation Officer informs the parents that the fire started due to the wiring in the house, there was an electrical fault. The parents want to blame the electrician but they know deep down that IF only they'd just paid the extra and had the job done properly their child would still be alive - 'if onlys' ……." Hindsight! Surely you do not want and cannot afford to be put in that 'Hindsight' situation when it comes to someone's safety and life!

A smart person learns from their mistakes, a wise person learns from the mistakes of others!!

To learn to drive safe....for life, you can not 'cut any corners'!