Let me introduce myself - my name is Tracy, I am a fully qualified, female driving instructor and I am the owner of Hooter's Driving School.  I have been a driving instructor for over 12 years.

Hooter's is all about FUN - it's not rocket science, it's just how it's explained - let me put it another way - I totally teach in a blonde sense (and that's not been derogatory to blondes cause I am one!)

Hooter's Driving School is based in TEESSIDE.

The ONLY areas covered are...

TS1 to TS5, TS7 & TS8 and TS15 all the way through to TS21

So basically the majority of Teesside - Stockton, Yarm, Eaglescliffe, Thornaby, Ingleby Barwick, Norton and parts of Middlesbrough.  I DO NOT cover the Billingham, Hartlepool, Redcar, Guisborough, Saltburn, Skelton, Marske or Darlington areas.

I take my Practical tests in Middlesbrough only.

The DSA state that a 17 year old learner driver needs, on average, 45 hours of tuition with an instructor plus 20 hours, minimum, of private practice, to be test standard. If a learner does not get private practice then that 20 hours would need to be added to the 45 hours of tuition with an instructor. The older you are the more hours you are likely to require. This tuition needs to be regular and consistent. Every learner is different - some need more hours, some need less - it also depends on your commitment to your lessons. Lessons frequently missed will set you back, therefore it will take you longer to be test ready and ultimately cost you more in the long run. 

It is very beneficial if you have the opportunity to get private practice with a parent, partner etc.  They must be over 21, had their own driving licence for more than 3 years and of course you must be insured to drive the vehicle. 

'Practice makes Perfect'

You will have good days and bad days with your driving, initially more bad than good. When you start having more good days, more regularly, you know you are test ready. You should be driving almost independently, with little or no instruction, a month before your test and driving well - consistently! If you are still making mistakes - you are not ready!

I cannot guarantee you will pass your test but I can guarantee you will be up to test standard when taking a test on my recommendation.  My aim is to get you passed your test FIRST time as lets face it, no one likes to fail!

For all the information you need regarding applying for your Driving Licence, learning to Drive, Theory & Practical tests, The Highway Code and some other useful stuff, go to the 'Hooter's Links' tab at the side.


Thanks for checking out Hooter's today, I hope to hear from you soon!


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The ''Hooter's Pupil Page'' contains numerous items to assist you with your learning and driving whilst with Hooter's Driving School.  I don't put the hard work in for other driving schools to benefit, so due to some instructors who don't want to put in that hard work and are using my website to help their own pupils and/or others who feel they have to emulate what Hooter's does, the services, offers and information I provide to gain business for themselves, the page is password protected. 

There is only one Hooter's in these parts - don't accept any cheap imitations or copies!!