The less the lesson costs the more likely you will not but going very far from your house or you will be sat 'talking' for long periods at the side of the road!

Hooter's does not offer 5 hours for £50 or 10 hours for £99 or the stupid prices of £25/£30 for 5 hours (can you imagine what you're getting for that price!??) These offers are one-offs and have conditions on them - i.e. you have never driven before - but they fail to inform you of this until you ring up to inquire at which point now they have you on the line and you end up getting booked in at their standard price - it's a marketing tool to get you to ring. If you've never driven before, once you've had the 5 or 10 hours you'll pay the standard price - so ask what the standard price would be after the offer credit has been used. Some schools that do these offers insist on you doing a minimum TWO HOUR LESSON PER WEEK- no flexibility to do an hour or hour and half lesson - don't think you'll learn faster if you have two hour lessons - studies have shown that you learn quicker and don't tire in short lesson periods. After the offer, it can cost you approximately£40 a week!There are some that insist that 2, 3 or even 4 of the offer hours are to be used on the day/week of your test  - which is trying to make you stay with them by holding your money! Some schools policy is that if you leave them you WILL NOT GET A REFUND! That's 4 HOURS = £75-£80 you'll NOT get back! So if you don't like the instructor you'll HAVE to stay put or loose out! If you don't like them, leave and get your money back!
Also you get schools that state hour lesson prices ''start FROM £.....'', again it's an advertising ploy and again there's conditions on the lower scale price! Do not trust a school who advertises that does not display it's prices, they tend to make them up as and when you ring! Ever seen a holiday advertised at "Prices starting from £....!"? There's always condition on it...fly certain airport, on specific dates etc!!

Think about it....

Do you think these instructors/schools who offer cheap deals REALLY WANT to offer a lower price? ALL instructors are SELF EMPLOYED (even BSM, AA, RED etc etc) - would you charge the lower price if you were self employed? Some of these instructors aren't even making minimum wage after all their expenses have come out - fuel being one of the largest!

Why CAN'T they charge the higher price?
Why are some instructors having to go into price wars to get business?

Think of SALE items - why are they reduced.........?

An instructor from a local driving school  - not an independent driving instructor - who offers 5 lessons for £50, was over heard stating the following:-
'I make 'em do a minimum of 5 tests, to get my moneys worth'
You get what you pay for.  If you'll only pay cheap - you'll get 'cheap'.
See the web page "Choosing An Instructor"

Here at Hooter's I have NEVER had to go into prices wars and I have not had to reduce my prices even in this economy. I have an overflowing diary AND a waiting list - I have people book MONTHS in advance to guarantee their lessons with me - therefore, I must doing something right!


(FIRST HOUR FREE is no longer available due to time wasters - those who are going round every instructor who offer it, getting the free lesson from each only - they'll never be test ready doing that!) 
Prices are as stated. No negotiations for any discounts.



1 Hour Lesson - £25.00

1 Hour and a Half Lesson - £35.00             

2 Hour Test Day - £45.00

(Hooter's does not charged extra for test day)

(Paid for in full and upfront)
10 Hours £220.00
(which equates to 1 Hour £22.00)

(Paid for in full and upfront)
20 Hours £400.00
(which equates to 1 Hour £20.00)

*If a student leaves but has not completed the hours paid for a block booking, the lessons taken will be charged at standard pay as you go rate of £25/per hour/£35 per hour & half and the balance refunded. e.g. paid for ten hours at £220.00 but only had 5 hour one hour lessons out of the 10, the lessons had already will be charged as 5 hours at £25 (£125.00) with the difference of £80.00 being refunded (£220.00 minus £125.00 = £95)

Block payments are valid for 12 months, expiring 12 months from date from purchase.
No refunds of any remainnng credit will be given after the expiry date and credit is not transferable.

(prices are subject to change without prior notice)

Calls are not answered during lesson time, if I am driving or if I'm unavailable.  If want you to book in for lessons please text the word ''HOOTER'S'' along with your name, the town where you live, where you got my number from and if you have had any previous driving experience to the number below.  Hooter's will endeavour to call you back as soon as possible.

07887 727370

Due to some disturbed individuals, calls are not answered when the number is withheld, private or if it's an unrecognized number.