BY TAKING LESSONS WITH HOOTER'S DRIVING SCHOOL, YOU (the pupil) and/or your Parent/Guardian (if pupil is under the age of 18) ARE AGREEING TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS & CONDITIONS

1 - You, the pupil, must hold a current valid licence (either provisional or full) which must be produced on the first lesson. You must also be able to read a number plate from a distance 20.5 metres (67 feet) using your glasses if normally worn.
2 - I, the Instructor, will provide driving instruction for the pupil at the agreed rates and times. The cost of driving lessons will have been clearly explained upon first contact with Hooter's Driving School. Any changes to the cost with be advised with at least a month's notice.
3 - Provided the pupil is in possession of a valid driving licence and is accompanied by, or under the direction of a Driving Standards Agency A.D.I / P.D.I or approved DVSA Examiner, the Hooter's Driving School car is fully insured for tuition and driving tests.
4 - It is my responsibility, as your driving instructor, that my training vehicle is in good working order. For your safety, I will not take anyone for lessons if I suspect there is a fault with the Hooter's vehicle. Lessons will resume once the Hooter's vehicle has been cleared of any faults by an automotive professional.
5 - I, your driving Instructor, will behave in a professional manner towards clients at all times. I will avoid physical contact with a client except in an emergency or in the normal course of greeting. Whilst reserving the right to decide against giving tuition, I will not act in any manner, which contravenes legislation on discrimination or the DVSA Code of Practice for Approved Driving Instructors.
6 - Lesson payments should be made at the beginning of each lesson. Block payments are valid for 12 months, expiring 12 months from date from purchase. No refunds of any remainnng credit will be given after the expiry date and credit is non transferable. If a student is claiming a refund of credit within 12 months of purchase, the lessons taken will be charged at standard pay as you go rate of £25 per hour/£35 per hour & half and the balance refunded.e.g. paid for ten hours at £220.00 but only had 5 one hour lessons out of the 10, the lessons had already will be charged as 5 hours at £25 (£125.00) with the difference of £95.00 being refunded (£220.00 minus £125.00 = £95.00)
7 - You, the pupil, will be asked to sign a weekly record sheet for each lesson you pay for/have paid for with Hooter's Driving School. Pupils who have paid for a block booking with also sign a separate form, recording the hours taken and their hours remaining in credit.
8 - Hooter's Driving School will provide you, the pupil with notebooks.  The notebooks remain the property of Hooter's Driving School at all times. If the pupil terminates their lessons with Hooter's Driving School they must return all notebooks. Failure to return them will incur a charge of £2.00 per book. The notebooks must be returned in the same condition they were last seen by the instructor. If the notebooks have been purposely damaged/de-faced/lost the £2.00 per book charge will be incurred.
9 - Lessons times will be sixty (60), ninety (90) or one hundred and twenty (120) minutes in duration, anything other will be agreed mutually by the instructor and the pupil.
10 - I, the driving instructor, will only wait a maximum of 5 minutes after the scheduled appointment time at the agreed pick up point for you to arrive for your lesson.  I will not chase you to see where you are if you are not there on time.  If you have not advised me that you are going to be late, do not show, or arrive after the 5 minute waiting period, you will be sent a text/left a card stating that as you didn't turn up for your lesson you will be charged .  You will be asked to confirm your next lesson by a given date and time.  If not confirmed, the next lesson will not go ahead. 
11 - If you have advised me that you will be late then I will wait for you but that time will be taken out of your lesson and will NOT be added on to run over the scheduled lesson appointment.  If I am running late then, that is my fault and I take full responsibility for it and therefore the lesson will run over till you have had your full lesson appointment. I will contact you if I am running late.  If you are or I am early, you will still get your full lesson time scheduled, so it may finish earlier than anticipated - but it WILL be the full hour, hour and a half or two hour lesson regardless.
12 - You will receive a text lesson reminder on a weekend to remind you when your next lesson is scheduled for. You need to confirm the lesson by 4pm on a Sunday.  If you do not confirm the lesson it will not go ahead. You will then be sent a second text asking you to state whether you wish to be booked in for the following week/another lesson, again you must contact me within the stated time, failure to do so will remove you permanently from my diary and no future lessons will be booked in for you. If you fail to confirm your lesson reminders on three occasions, you will be taken off my diary permanently.
13 - When I am aware of a situation that will potentially conflict with your lesson, I will give TWO DAYS NOTICE in the event of cancelling it. If I cancel late/do not show up, you will receive a free ONE HOUR lesson credit - to be used on your next lesson (no cash alternative is available). However, I will not be held responsible for a cancellation if it is less than two days notice due to instructor illness, personal or family emergencies, mechanical/vehicle faults,  if the Hooter's vehicle is involved in a traffic collision, bad weather or tests cancelled by the DVSA.  CANCELLING LESSONS
14 - You must give 48 HOURS NOTICE in the event of cancelling a lesson. A late cancellation/no show will be charged as the full lesson amount & must be paid for by bank transfer/on the next lesson. Failure to pay for the cancellation will suspend all future lessons until payment is received. For PRE-PAID customers, your account will be debited accordingly. In most cases, you will not be charged for illness nor personal or family emergency situations.  As soon as you know you will not make your lesson, text/ring me asap.  My phone is on 24/7 - on silent - so it doesn't matter if its the middle of the night, early morning, whenever - I will text you back after I've read it. Having no phone credit on your mobile or you've lost my number are NOT valid reasons for a late cancellation or not contacting me. There are other ways and means - landlines, pay phones, friends/relatives mobile phones. My number is in yell.com and on my website
If you the student does not confirm/cancel your lesson reminder before the Sunday 4pm deadline, does not show for a lesson, does not send shifts* through/advises me you haven't received them by the 6pm on a Friday of the week before deadline or cancels within the two days required notice on three occasions (three the same or a combination of three) I will take you off my books.
(*works full/part time changing shifts that clash with my working days of 9.30am-5.00pm Mon -Satso needs to advise of days off/availability  in a week.)
It's is not accepted at Hooter's to cancel a lesson because you've got no money, your boss asks you to work, your work shift/college lesson changes, your normal free gap changes, you can't get to your pick up point, you have to babysit (someone else's child) or you got too drunk the night before and have a hangover the day of your lesson (self inflicted illness - that's your own fault!) YOU WILL BE CHARGED!
If you cancel or miss lessons three times in a row or three times in a month, your weekly gap will be allocated to some one on my waiting list.
For those of you who cancel REGULARLY, put the shoe on the other foot. Think about how many times you've cancelled/how many times you've cancelled late since you started learning to drive (I can tell you because I keep a register!).I get A LOT of students, from other instructors, that complain about how their previous instructor "constantly cancelled or never showed up" - it works both ways! Imagine how YOU would feel if I regularly cancelled, cancelled late because I had "no fuel" for your lesson, double booked you with another student, cancelled your lesson and took the other student out instead of you or just didn't show up...particularly on the day of your test? Would you be able to arrange another instructor in such short notice? Probably not. So you'd lose that practical test and have to pay for another, that's £124 - for the tests alone never mind the lessons you'll have to book in. WOULD YOU BE OKAY WITH ME CANCELLING YOUR LESSONS THAT OFTEN? What if your work REGULARLY rang you the day/night before or on the day and said they didn't need you to come in tomorrow/today, so obviously you won't get paid! Would you be alright with that? You still have things to pay for right...bills, nights out, food, clothes, phone bills, lodge, etc etc etc. You'd get fed up of it happening, the lack of money and look for a new job? I, on average, lose about £150-£200 A WEEK due to cancellations, that's £600-£800 a month...would YOU be okay losing that amount of money?  You're also not doing yourself any favours by cancelling regularly, it's going to cost you more and take you longer. Please have some respect for what I do - I do not get a salary like most people, I do not get sick pay, holiday pay etc etc. If my car is not out working I do not get paid!PLAN AHEAD - if you know you're going out the night before a lesson or have no money/can't afford it and you give me two days notice or more to cancel, that's great, I can fill your gap with someone else and therefore I don't lose out and neither do you.
If you don't want to pay for your late cancellations, you have two choices - don't cancel late or don't learn with Hooter's.
16. Two days notice is not required if you are ill. However, you must either cancel the night before or at the latest 8am on the day of your lesson. A cancellation after that time will result in you being charged.  If I turn up to collect you and you are sick but you haven't cancelled, you WILL be charged.
17. Cancellation/No show charges must be paid for by bank transfer/PayPal within THREE DAYS after the cancelled/missed lesson. Failure to pay will result in an invoice being sent out and possible legal action.
18 - Whenever a lesson is cancelled by you, me or by other circumstances, it is me that loses out. If I'm not teaching, I do not get paid. Although I am sympathetic to any circumstances that may force you to cancel lessons at short notice I must ask you to consider that when you cancel at such short notice I cannot resell that lesson.  So I hope that you understand that it would be really unfair to expect me to suffer just because your boss asks you to work late or you got to drunk last night etc....Imagine how you would feel if Itook a sicky the day of your test!!
19 - If you have lost or broken your phone and therefore the mobile number you provided to me is no longer or not currently in use - it is your responsibility to contact me as soon as possible.  I will not be held responsible for texts I send but you have not received due to your number being unavailable - these texts may be lesson reminders, asking for confirmation of a lesson, rescheduled or cancelled lessons.
20 - I do keep ALL the texts of lesson reminders, confirmations, lesson changes and cancelations until you've had your lesson - with delivery reports - so please do not say you haven't received the text.
21- I reserve the right to withdraw the use of my Hooter's vehicle for the practical test without prior notice should the pupil prove not to be up to test standards and I will also terminate ALL future lessons if said pupil still wishes to take the practical test against the advice of the Hooter's instructor. I can not guarantee a pupil will pass the practical test but I can guarantee they will be up to test standard when taking it on my advice.  If you wish to take your test against my advice, you will have to find another vehicle to do it in.  Taking lessons with Hooter's Driving School does not guarantee I will take you for test.  
22 - Aside from the Practical Test fee as set out by the DVSA, Hooter's Driving School will not apply a fee for the booking of your practical test.
23 - I will book your practical test for you.  If you book it without consulting me or have it booked before you start lessons with Hooter's -  I will not take you for it.
24 - When I book your test, I have to gauge how many lessons I think you are going to need to be test ready and then I book a date at the end of that period.  Once booked, if lessons are missed for whatever reason and are not rebooked in for another date or youdecide to cut down on your estimated lessons then your test will most likely get moved.
25 - Cheques are no longer accepted.
26 - I will not take any student for a lesson if I suspect that they have been taking drugs/drinking alcohol or have alcohol still in their system from the previous evening.
27 - You must advise me of any medication you are currently taking or take during the course of your tuition. Certain medications and the reasons for taking them MUST be declared to the DVLA and this is your responsibility. You must also declare any illness/medical conditions that could affect your driving.
28 - If I deem you unfit to drive, for whatever reason, it is at my discretion as to whether to continue or terminate the scheduled lesson. If you turn up unfit to drive and I abort the lesson - you WILL be charged.
29 - Every endeavour is made to safeguard the personal property of the pupil but Hooter's Driving School accepts no liability whatsoever, for jewellery, cash, clothing, mobiles or any other property left in the training vehicle.
30 - If you, the pupil, at any point through the course of learning with Hooter's Driving School, drive another vehicle illegally, I will terminate your lessons.  I will not condone your actions by teaching you. I teach people how to drive safe and most importantly - legally!!