This page consists of some important and useful information you will need when learning to drive and beyond.......


First off you need a licence.....

DVLA click here

Apply for your driving licence - new or replacement above. There's also further information regarding learning to drive, medical rules, what you can drive and your obligations, driving in GB or in other countries and also endorsements.


YouTube DVSA videos click here

The DVSA have put some helpful videos on YouTube now - keeping up with the times!!


Learning to Drive click here

Here there's all the official stuff to do with learning to drive. Information on your Theory & Practical tests and when you are newly qualified.

Register to Practise your Theory click here

This is the DVSA's official site for practising your theory.


The Highway code click here

This version of The Highway Code has been adapted for use online. Please also consult the book version of The Highway Code

I do have a supply of CD's that I sell on to learners or you can try eBay for books, DVD's CD's etc for your studies - usually they're in good nick as they haven't been used too much and quite cheap but do make sure they are up to date!





Book a Theory Test click here

Book a Practical Test click here


You can book your own theory using the link above  When it comes to booking your practical test, I will book that for you for if you are going to be using the Hooter's car.  If you book your practical yourself or already have a practical booked I will NOT take you for your test.

If using your own vehicle for test then you can use the link above to book it. 


Other interesting stuff............

Learner Stuff click here

Driving Test Success click here

Wanadrive click here

Driving Schools Directory click here

Wanadrive and Driving Test Success are very useful and informative sites, please take time out to have a read of them - particularly the chapters on Wanadrive 'Myths' (number 8 being my favourite), 'FAQ' (pay attention to questions 1 & 7) and 'On Your Test' (and those 'Things to remember on the test').

Also click on any of the chapters between 'Your Licence' - 'UK Pass Rate' and then go to the tab at the top titled '10 Reasons for Failing'.  Do you do these mistakes on your lessons still?  If so, then you should not be taking a test yet!

Driving Test Success has a great bit on Eco Friendly driving too - cutting those all important fuel costs!

Both also have good online shops for you to stock up on material for your theory, so no more excuses!


THINK! Road Safety click here

THINK! is for every road user be it drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians - everyone!!

It has very useful facts and statistics, if not only if you are a new driver but for those older drivers too.

There facts on speeds, drink/drugs driving, mobile phones, wearing seat belts, tiredness etc., with advice and tips on each topic too!

It's well worth a visit - some of the information may shock you!


New Drivers - Be warned! click here

Just got your licence? Don't want to lose it after ALL that you've spent getting it? Read the link above!

Remember - statistically you are more likely to have a driving accident in the first two years after passing your test than at any other time!


Pass Plus click here

For details on the Pass Plus scheme click above. There's also information on the different insurers who accept a Pass Plus certificate and offer discounts. It's always best to consult an insurer before undergoing the Pass Plus scheme to make sure they will offer you a discount or not.