Winter driving and Learners




Don't know about you but I HATE ice, snow, fog, rain, well winter in general! The only ice I do like is in my drinks and oh yes ice cream!!! But when it gets to that time of year things don't always go according to plan. Lessons may be cancelled or shortened due to the weather.

When it comes to the day of your lesson and it is bad weather, I will text you as early as I can to whether you're lesson will go ahead or not.  If you really do not want to drive in it, that's fine - I'm not going to force you! I may give you the option of whether you want to go out or not - it'll be up to you!


Sometimes the day can start bad but it clears by the time of your lesson - however, rather than messing you around & keeping you hanging - it's off, it's on, it's off again, it's on again - for your benefit and mine, I will make an executive decision on that morning.  If it is cancelled then you are free for that time and you can make other plans and that is why even if it has cleared by the time of your lesson, it won't be back on! So do not be annoyed and think 'I could've had my lesson'.

Some students may a have a lesson, others may not. There's a few things I have to take into account as to whether your lesson will be on....or not!!!

  • Where are you at with your driving?  Have you just started to learn or have you been doing it a while? Are you confident on DRY roads yet? 
  • Your own capabilities and abilities on handling the vehicle and dealing with other traffic and the varying situations.
  • Depends on how bad the weather is most importantly!
  • The time of day of your lesson (first thing - roads won't have cleared yet. In the dark - sun goes down and the temperature can drop below freezing). 
  • Another reference to the time of day because of the traffic - schools/works out and it gets VERY hectic and CRAZY!
  • Where you live and access to you (if you live on a main road, they are clearer than a side road for instance) If you live on a side road and your lesson is on, I will get you to meet me on a main road! I have spent lessons stuck in side roads!
  • How bad the roads are? Have they been gritted or not? 
  • If I can get to you or not (I live in Stockton and sometimes can't get out of MY road!!) Couple years ago, when snow was bad, I had to stop lessons of students that live in Boro as I tried it and it took me an hour to get home, I can't afford to be doing this! 
  • You also need to tell me what it's like around you as areas differ SO much!
  • IF you lesson IS on, I only do hour lessons...just to give you experience! Main roads are usually clear but side roads (where we do manoeuvres!!) are blocked! Plus no one in their right mind would drive in it for an hour and half!

You may see myself or other learners out in the bad weather but they may have a test coming up and can not afford to miss any lessons or they just maybe more of an experienced learner than yourself.  We also have to remember that we encounter loads of idiots on the roads in GOOD weather - they are ten times worse in BAD weather! Unfortunately, the problem is that drivers will set off at the same time for work as they do in good weather but get held up due to other drivers going slower than normal - they then take stupid risks because they're in hurry and are running late, thus causing accidents. In bad weather set off 10-20 minutes, or more, earlier than you would normally! Some drivers also do not adjust their driving accordingly when it's bad weather, which again causes accidents. SLOW DOWN!! Drive at a speed which can safely stop!! Theory - What's the travelling distance between you and the vehicle in front when it's a dry road?? A wet road?? and an icy/snowy road??

So I will contact you the morning of your lesson, no earlier, as I can not say what it will be doing tomorrow, and say if your lesson is on or not.


The weather changes very rapidly at this time of year - the other day it was foggy on the morning, bright sunshine at lunchtime but then foggy again mid afternoon! Sometimes a lesson may get cut short if there is a drastic weather change or the temperature drops below zero whilst out.  If the temperature goes into a minus we are now into freezing and there's the risk of black ice. Freezing fog is one of the worse kinds of bad weather to drive in!

Also the weather can be different in different areas - I may have nothing where I live but you may have a couple of inches of snow and vice versa!  On that foggy day I spoke about above - Eaglescliffe had bright sunshine yet Thornaby was heavy fog! So I may text you to see what it is like around you!

Generally I only do hour lessons in bad weather, if going ahead, as although the main roads are usually clear, it is the side roads where we do manoeuvres and they are usually not gritted so cannot do them properly, also no one in their right mind would just drive round for the sake of it!

However, it is a good opportunity to drive in it whilst I'm sat next to you rather than having never driven in it and then you pass your test and freak out at the first sign of snow!

So please bear with me, I cannot control the weather, I will contact you as and when!