Hints & Tips


 The ones highlighted in blue are the most common comments that I say or write in all your books - there's quite a few! How many apply to you? Take note!


(some cross over in catergories so there may be repeats - this page will be added to now and then so please keep on top of it)





Remember where you are going! Look to see which signal you have on...or not (if not, then you're going ahead yes?)

If you don't remember/like where you are going - stay to the left lane, mirrors & signal left and go left!!

Use ALL your reference points - they are there to help you!

Is it raining, is your windscreen dirty?? Put the washer and/or wipers on!! Please don't wait to be told!

If wipers are on full/constant you need you're lights on.

Avoid puddles if you can, if you can't go through them VERY SLOW.

Constantly read up on your manoeuvres!!!

LISTEN to what you are told, if not sure do not assume where or what you are doing, just ask him (nicely) to repeat it!!

 Creep & Peep, Lean & Look

It does not matter if you go the wrong way - as long as your in the correct lane, have the done the correct mirror & signal for the way you are going!!

 If there's two lanes, you can not see road markings and you're going ahead - keep to the left lane, if see arrows and it only goes left then mirros & signal and turn left.

 DO NOT change lanes close to roundabouts, junctions, lights ect - stay in the lane you're in and go that way!

You cannot cause anyone to slow down, stop or change their direction unnecessarily.

Go back to basics!

Read road up ahead - planning! Meets, dips, bends, inclines, road works, obstructions, crossings - and respond to it early - slow down, gear down!!

Scan through the NEAR, MIDDLE and FAR distances - don't such watch right in front of your bonnet.







BLIND SPOTS BEFORE YOU MOVE! (NOT as you move nor after you moved - remember you can get a WHOLE car in your blind spot!)

QUICK blind spots - don't stare over your shoulder.

Right mirror, right shoulder checks and behind out back window on manoeuvres - BEFORE steering.

Whilst at a junction waiting to come out - constantly check up and down, both sides, at least a couple of times - not just once each side or look one way only!

As soon as see lights up ahead (brake lights, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings) CHECK BEHIND!

When slowing down (easing off gas and/or going for brake pedal)  - CHECK BEHIND!

Check to see if anyone is approaching a crossing (particularly zebras) and that no one is making a mad dash for it after the lights have changed.

Every time you have had to stop, especially on manoeuvres, except at a junction (unless you've stalled at it) you MUST check ALL way round again BEFORE moving off, BLIND SPOTS! KISS THE PARROTS!

Observations are THE BIGGEST THING people fail on!! Make them obvious! You forget, you fail!

If you can not see at a junction because of the vehicle next to you, wait till he moves to see if it is clear before you go, do not pull out because he has!

To move lanes you MUST do a mirror & signal first, signal should be on long enough to give the vehicles in the other lane time to response (is he going to hang back or continue round you?) It is NOT mirror, signal and move straight away! Keep checking your right mirror, once you have a gap, you MUST do a blind spot BEFORE moving into the other lane (and same routine to move back into left again)

Constantly scan between the Near (vehicle right in front of you), Middle (couple cars up ahead) and Far (as far as you can see up the road ahead) distances.

When two lanes go back into a single lane you must do a right blind spot just before it goes into one lane to maek sure no one is belting passed you!

Keep manoeuvres slow but fast steering with MAXIMUM OBSERVATIONS! Correct it if it goes wrong - don't just leave it and potentially fail yourself.

You MUST look out of the BACK WINDOW when REVERSING - with quick checks everywhere else.

Do not stare in the mirrors on your manoeuvres.

Remember to look into the road when you go passed it for your left reverse.
If you 've forgotten - tell him you didn't look and ask if you can get out and look. He may say 'do as your instructor tells you to do' (so secure the car, turn engine off, get out and go look) or he may be nice because you highlighted that you hadn't looked and tell you if it's clear or not.

Remember the sit tall and forwards on your left reverse. Watch for the corner to disappear.

All manoeuvres you MUST check all way round before steering - Left Reverse, Parallel Park and Left Bay Park - stop, check right mirror, right shoulder BEFORE putting your steer on (opposite for Right Bay Park) Turn head BEFORE turn wheel.

Observations on that LAST pull forward on your turn in the road.



If put wrong signal on or put it on too early - take it off and re-apply!

Put signals on properly!

Cancel your signals if they haven't come off!

Re-apply signals if they have come off!

If you hear 'left' or 'right' you always signal (exceptions are when you are parking up)

If you are parking up/moving off after being parked up - you only signal if someone will benefit from it, anyone (vehicle, pedestrian) from any direction coming towards you - signal. You do not signal if there is no one there!

Remember a signal doesn't give you priority and means nothing - well apart from your indicators are working!!

No need to signal round parked vehicles.

When say 'at the lights...', 'at the end of the road...' or 'at the roundabout...' make sure there is no other turnings BEFORE yours and BEFORE you put your signal on!

Always signal to go round a bus, don't get too close - you need to see up the road ahead.  Keep an eye pedestrians getting on & off, on his brake lights going off and indicators going on - it is a sign he's moving out!

When parked up, do not sit with a signal on to move off again! If you can get out before the vehicle coming up behind you, signal and move off (you must be able to move off as soon as you put that signal on).  If you cannot get out before the vehicle behind you or there's traffic - wait, check round again as that last vehicle behind is coming towards you, then signal (if necessary) move off so you follow that last vehicle out.

Watch out for filter lanes at lights and roundabouts - you still need to signal left for them.

ALWAYS signal to come off/exit a roundabout.

When moving lanes you need to put your signals on early enough and long enough to give time for other drivers to respond!




BBC routine! Brake, brake, clutch, bit more brake.

Do not come off clutch if pressing brake.

Do not creek the clutch - you've come too far up, dip down a pound.

When stopped go back to - set gas, find bite (no gas = no go)

Keep foot brake on till your handbrake is on.

You must be at a complete stop BEFORE you out your handbrake on.

Put handbrake on BEFORE your put it in to neutral (handbrake between gear changes!!)

DO NOT ratchet the handbrake!

You're clutch must be ALL THE WAY DOWN when coming to a stop or changing gear.

SMOOTH pedals, we do not want to feel you using the pedals by coming off the clutch too quick, brake to harsh or giving too much gas!

Do not keep your clutch down going round a corner, you must be back up to the bite BEFORE turning!

Once stopped/parked up - keep feet still (down on foot brake & clutch) put handbrake on, into neutral and take signal off (if have one on)

Don't wait right on the bite, once got bite go down a pound coin so do not burn clutch out.

Make sure you have you're bite, feel for the lift, before taking handbrake off.

Handbrake must go on if you have to wait for more than one vehicle at a junctions/lights etc and if in a queue of traffic.

Keep your hand on your handbrake when you out it on so you don't forget to take it off again.

Make sure you're handbrake goes down properly.

Rolling - it's because you haven't got your bite. Put foot brake back on, handbrake on and sort your feet out. Feel for the bite and lift BEFORE taking your HB off! Giving it gas when you  roll or putting your clutch all the way down will not rescue you.

 You don't have to come all the way up off the clutch when going up between 1st & 2nd, sucha quick gear change - slightly off bite then straight back down in to 2.





Make sure you are selecting the right gears, be careful with your gear changes.

Select correct gear for correct speed - check your digital speedo and select the correct gear to move off again.

Get it into 1st before stopping so you're ready to move off again.

Coming from a higher gear -

If speeds drops between 20mph -15mph put it into 3rd

If speeds drops between 15mph - 10mph put it into 2nd

If speed drops below 10mph put it into 1st.

Get it into 4th gear for 30mph.

You ALWAYS need 1st to move off from a stopped position.

You always need 1st of 2nd to go in or out of a junction, nothing higher.


You MUST be BELOW 15mph if putting in to 2nd to go into or out of a junction, anything higher than 15mph - the car will pull!

Closed junction, can not see either/both sides or having to stop?? 1st gear!

Open junction and clear??? 2nd gear!

Approach green traffic lights/pedestrian green lights with someone waiting - in 3rd gear!

Lower gears are needed to go up and down hills/banks.

When the car is struggling/rumbling it is because you are in too higher gear for too lower speed. Select a lower gear.

Use 5 & 6 for Dual Carriageways!

When coming from 5 & 6 go into 4th first, up on and use clutch/bite whilst still gently braking and then into 1st or 2nd whichever is required for junction/roundabout etc as per normal!

Change down gears BEFORE the situation not as going through it.



Do not let the wheel slip back on its own accord.

DO NOT go too far forward to turn right in to a junction - use your ref point!

Do not dry steer (steering whilst stood still)

Turning out of a sharp left - do not steer into it on the approach, keep it straight up to the junction (like you do when turning right) then half car out, over the line before steering, creep it out using clutch control!!

Sort your steering out before taking signals off after turning and have straightened up - it will be safer!


SPEED!!!! Going over the speed limit or going to slow under the speed limit (tootling)!! Both will fail you!!

Don't approach junctions/situations too fast - the faster you're going, the longer it takes for you to slow down/stop.

  You cannot do the same speed on a corner/bend as you would do on a straight road - slow down!

Make good progress by building your speed up nice and quickly and smoothly. Learn when to ease off just enough to keep a you at the speed limit so you don't go over or start going too slow!


The less you can see up ahead, the less speed you should be doing.

You must drive at the correct speed for the road, traffic and weather conditions.

3 things for 30mph - street lights, built up area, no signs.

Remember you are slower then everyone else so DO NOT try to beat/race anyone out of/in to junctions, roundabouts or slip roads!

Do not rush your manoeuvres, if it goes too fast, it'll go wrong very quickly - you're only going to get one chance!!

Don't ease off too much when it is your right of way - they'll think you're letting them out and then will pull out which is not what you're doing  and then you'll panic.

Slow down, ease off for speed bumps - shouldn't really have to brake if eased off early enough and not given too much gas between bumps!

Don't slow down to change lanes (unless something up ahead is causing you to!)



Read ALL road marking, lane signs and directional signs!

Watch out for change of speed up ahead - if in a higher speed and there's a 30mph sign up ahead, you MUST be at that speed BEFORE you get to the 30 sign. If its the other way round, coming from a 30 into something higher, you can not increase your speed till AFTER the sign!!

Watch out for new speed signs - every time you turn, come up to or off a roundabout or through lights.  Look up the road to give you a clue - no signs = 30mph, interval signs must mean you're in something higher.

Keep out of 'KEEP CLEAR'  road markings.

Keep out of hatched markings.

You CAN drive over a bus stop.

Use the bus lanes if its outside the operation times (watch out for the blue signs so you know when you can & can't)

White line must behind the wing mirror at lights, junctions etc.

If you've crossed the line, you've committed yourself to going.


Whilst at a junction waiting to come out - constantly check up and down, both sides, at least a couple of times - not just once each side or look one way only!

If you can not see at a junction because of the vehicle next to you, wait till he moves to see if it is clear before you go, do not pull out because he has!

If you could walk it before that vehicle gets to you, you can go in to or out of a junction.

If in doubt, don't pull out!

Brake and ease off/slow down BEFORE the bend, corner or turning, not as going round, with a LITTLE gas to get you round.

Two lanes going the same direction at any junction, always take the left of the two (unless its a double command).


Make sure you steer to the left on the approach to the roundabout,  particularly when going straight ahead.

Watch where you are going as well as what is coming.

Exiting a roundabout - ALWAYS come off in your left (unless road markings state otherwise/double command)

He may tell you 'at the roundabout you are taking your 2nd left' so DO NOT put your left signal on as you approach the roundabout!

Approaching a roundabout, unless road markings state otherwise, left lane to go left and straight ahead and right lane to go right and all the way round.

Which ever lane you approach in up to a roundabout, you MUST stay in exactly the same lane on the roundabout
(unless road marking state otherwise). So basically as you approach the roundabout, look to see how many lanes you have on your right hand side. How many you have, you need to keep the same amount of lanes on your right whilst on the roundabout!

Count your exits on a roundabout so you know which one you are taking!

Exaggerate your lane position when in that OUTER/LEFT lane on a roundabout
. Keep as far left as possible. Some off the roundabouts in Middlesbrough have massive tankers & trucks going across them, you cut one of them up - you'll know about it!

Do not move lanes on a roundabout - unless road markings state otherwise.  

Do not go onto a roundabout if there is ANYONE, regardless of signals or NOT, after your 3 o'clock mark on the roundabout - there are no excuses for pulling out if someone is in your 3 o'clock!

Two lanes going the same direction at a roundabout always take the left of the two (unless its a double command).

DO NOT OVERTAKE ON A ROUNADBOUT - you shouldn't be in that right lane unless you're turning right or on a double command anyway!



Two lanes going the same direction at lights always take the left of the two (unless its a double command).

Traffic lights not working?? NO ONE has priority - approach with caution!

You can go on a flashing amber light on a pelican crossing but make sure nobody is making a mad dash or just being awkward and stepping out on to crossing from either side before you move off!

Traffic lights - you can't win if this goes wrong.  Too late to stop???  Just go through or slam brakes on??? Both will fail you - the whole point is to be prepared for them to change on you! As you approach them, always check behind, if on green - select 3rd gear and ease off a little - you're now slowing down just in case they change on you! Lights don't change suddenly - things only happen 'suddenly' because YOU weren't expecting or planning it to happen!

Do not follow other vehicles through lights in heavy, slow moving traffic - imagine ALL lights have yellow boxes and wait behind the white stop line (not on the pedestrian crossing)  till you are definite you can get through the other side of the lights, bearing in mind you need to keep any eye on the lights in case they change back to red!

Remember you MUST be able to get the other side of the studs at lights to wait in the middle behind anohter car - if can't then you wait behind the white line!

When turning right you MUST wait in the middle so cross the white line (if there's space behind another car that is).

Some lights have filter lights so watch for them. If you do not go forward and wait behind the white line when you are at the front of the queue to turn right the filter light won't go on (the sensor doesn't know you're there so it'll just go back to red!)


You can go on a left green filter light if turning left. If it goes onto the regular green light and the green filter arrow goes off - you can still turn left.

 On a regular green light, one or two of the right turners can wait in the middle, rest wait behind the white line. If the right filter light goes on every right turner can go straight through until it goes off and back to red.


If you can't see the road/lane markings because of cars over them - ALWAYS take the far left lane to go ahead. Don't just assume the middle lane is the only lane that goes ahead. Once in the far left lane, the traffic moves and it shows that lanes ONLY goes left - do left mirrors and signal and GO LEFT!!!





Keep your distance and hang back behind large vehicles where you cannot see in front of them.

Meeting situations - vehicles parked both sides - hang back!
Remember, 9 times out of 10 the oncoming will push through.  Hang back out of the situation, not opposite a vehicle or too close to the vehicle in front.

Can you get through? Remember the distance between the white line and the car.

Parked vehicles? Mirrors out, mirrors in, mirrors out, mirrors in - headless chicken.

Plan up ahead - on a dual road if anything is blocking your lane you need to move out early, don't leave it till you're on top of the situation or stopped behind it!

Your right of way in a meeting situation but someone coming through - move across more to your left.

If you can get through before oncoming, don't slow down too much otherwise you'll end up meeting him IN the situation.

 Aim to get to the parked cars just as the last vehicle is coming through.

If have to stop before a meet - hang back a couple of car lengths, don't get to close to  parked vehicle.

Move out early for meets, don't get too close then move out as you have to do a lot of steering and you'll end up going onto too much of the other side of the road.


2 second rule in dry, 4 second in wet, 10 in ice/snow


Road position on a normal road - white line in corner of windscreen, down the side of the car - not in to the bonnet! Or use the washer nub - keeping it on the edge of the kerb, this you MUST use when on a WIDE road!

If the road widens in front of you - STAY WITH THE KERB, do not stay in the middle of the lane!

If you cannot see your road markings always stick to the left.

If you've accidentally taken the wrong lane, stay in that lane and put a signal on if that lane goes left or right, or take it off (if you have it on) if that lane is going straight ahead!

If ended up in right lane (for whatever reason) you must go back to your left as soon as possible (unless told otherwise) Must do mirror, signal, blind spot to move back.

Road splitting/widening up ahead - check mirrors for which side you are going to then keep to whichever side your taking or keep to left unless told otherwise before you get to the centre white line. No need to signal.  Do not get to white centre line then move.  


Emergency Stop - once stopped COMPLETELY you must apply the handbrake and then neutral (NOT the other way round)

When ready to move off after Emergency Stop - you MUST check ALL the way round again before moving off, if anything is coming behind, wait, check again then move off after the last vehicle.


Stalling Routine - foot brake on, handbrake on, clutch down, in to neutral, in to 1st - no need to push fob, just press start button to restart engine (if its hasn't already by putting it in to neutral), hand on handbrake, check ALL way round, move off when safe!

You  stall because of three main faults - you're trying to rush it and therefore come off your clutch too quick.  You have no gas set to move off. Or you're in the wrong gear.


Any one in front of you that puts indicators, reverse or brake lights on - slow down, hang back and keep your distance.

Tyres to tarmac behind another vehicle when stood in traffic.

Stop at white line - WHITE LINE BEHIND THE WING MIRROR -  using your reference point - don't stop short of the line then creep forward.

Use reference point to park up perfect in 1st gear - do not stop too wide then creep it in.

Anyone, be it bike, car, van, pedestrian, buggy, whatever, that goes round you on a manoeuvre - YOU MUST COME TO A COMPLETE STOP - don't let it roll to a stop, but then again don't harsh brake! Now if you've read all the hints and tips like I've asked you to, you'll be able to tell me the hidden sentence I told you about, when I ask you for it or tell me as soon as you've read it,  which is this...only a fool breaks the two second rule.  Now crack on reading the rest. If you are stopped and they hit you - it is their fault, if you are both moving it is an insurance argument that will go on YEARS and increase your insurance!

Watch out for bikes at every occasion - they can hide in blind spots!!

Pull in/stop/out of way for Emergency Vehicles. Check round before moving out again (signal if necessary)



Make sure you are not too wide when parking up. Get it into 1st as slowing down, then keep it creeping using 5 mins steers till perfect parking, don't stop and then creep it in.

Safe places to park - DO NOT park in front of someone's drive (opposite is fine), too close to junctions, opposite a junction, opposite another vehicle, zig zgs, in a bus stop, single & double yellow lines, on a hill, on a bend, opposite gates/an entrance to a business (lorries turning)

When parked up, DO NOT sit with a signal on to move off again! If you can get out before the vehicle coming up behind you, signal and move off (you must be able to move off as soon as you put that signal on).  If you cannot get out before the vehicle behind you or there's traffic - wait, check round again as that last vehicle behind is coming towards you, then signal (if necessary) move off so you follow that last vehicle out.


Always keep to left side of the slip road when joining a dual carriageway.

Use 5th & 6th for dual carriageways.

You can not stay behind someone going slower than the speed limit on a dual carriageway - overtake! You MUST be able to see the vehcile you've just over taken in your INSIDE MIRROR BEFORE you move back to the left! You can stay behind them if you can not over take because of the traffic or if you are coming off at the next exit.

Keep an eye on your speed when you have come off a dual carriageway! 50 seems like 30!!

Very slight steering to move lanes on a dual, too much at that speed and you'll loose control very quickly.

Don't slow down to change lanes (unless something up ahead is causing you to!)


Is it raining, is your windscreen dirty?? Put the washer and/or wipers on!! Please don't wait to be told!

If wipers are on full/constant you need you're lights on.

Avoid puddles if you can, if you can't go through them VERY SLOW.

 4 second rule in wet. 10 seconds in snow & ice.



This is where you get two commands in one sentence. Normally you are told 'Take the next road on your left', a double is 'Straight ahead at the first roundabout, right at the second roundabout'.  These are done because of the short distance between the first situation and the second, so you plan for it in advance.  For this to work there has to be TWO lanes going the same direction at the first situation and whichever lane you would take at the second situation (at a normal junction/roundabout) you take EXACTLY the SAME lane at the first situation e.g. 'Straight ahead at the first roundabout, right at the second roundabout' - you would approach the first roundabout in your right lane, stay in right/inner on roundabout, come off in right lane then approach second roundabout in right lane. Whatever is said for the second one stay in that same lane all way through, if left keep in left all way through, if right keep right, until out of the second situation - and always go back to left after the second one!! This can happen for lights, roundabouts or a mixture of both!