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Too many people are wanting to pass as quickly and as cheaply as possible which leads to frightful consequences after they passWhen you learn over a short period of time it can be effective for getting a result for that moment in time i.e. the Driving Test, but it doesn't give you long term benefits. (No doubt you crammed in revision a couple of weeks/days before your GCSE exams? How much of each of those subjects do you still remember?) Those long term benefits are compulsory to be safe and remain safe whilst you are driving.

How can you put a time limit and/or a price on your life and the life of others?

Parents - this is your child's life! Safety is no accident!


Please read my pages-

An investment...for LIFE! 

How many lessons will I need? 

The Cons of 'CRASH' courses



 If you are wanting to learn to drive with Hooter's please plan ahead and book in as early as possible to guarantee a space -  you'll be very lucky and will have timed it just right if you get a space to start in the next few weeks!

 If you're not interested in learning a how to drive safe and keep safe for the rest of your driving life then please do not contact me for lessons. 




* Patient, friendly, fun, bit mad FEMALE INSTRUCTOR * 

* 2015, Air-Conditioned MINI *

* Discount on Block Booking Payments *

 * Refresher & Pass Plus Courses Available *

 * Mock Practical Tests *

* Nervous Drivers Welcome *

 (FIRST HOUR FREE is no longer available due to time wasters - those who are going round every instructor who offer it, taking the free lesson from each only - they'll never be test ready doing that!)

The Hooter's Driving School motto is

"If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail"

...or to put it another way, as one of my students said

 - Perfect Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance -

(Thanks Andy)